LHHS Baseball Alumni game

Today, February 2, was the LHHS baseball alumni game. It was fun, entertaining and an actual good game of baseball to watch (sorry fellas). It always brings me such joy to see that there are so many like, the Carters and us (Howards), who really love this small town in a big city. Many of us are so passionate about it that we are raising our families in the same zip code we were. I am proud to be from Lake Highlands and I am proud to see where we are heading. It’s a good place to live! Thanks to all who supported today, sponsored, played and cheered!

When the Carters and us (Howards) talk about loving this community, they are not just words. We mean it. We opened C&V in LH for a purpose and we work together daily to provide the best to our community. Brandon and Sam have “full time” jobs but that doesn't mean they invest any less into C&V. We were very intentional in how we wanted our concept to be branded. We are raising our families here. Investing in the community is something we are passionate about!

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